Japanese Year of the Dog

The dog is the eleventh symbol in the Japanese zodiac. Legend has it that the dog had a fight with the monkey on their way to God and the rooster had to act as a peacemaker, so they arrived in a row. This symbol represents “diligence” and “devotion”.

Personality traits

Dogs are patient, strong-willed, and honest. They have a sense of duty and loyalty, and always strive to succeed. However, they are also very stubborn, and do not like to admit their own faults.

You can identify a dog if they:

  • Tend to get into negative thought
  • Can be trusted with secrets.
  • Can inspire confidence in others.

Compatibility with other signs

Dogs are compatible with tigers and horses. If these three come together, it generates a great positive power. Dogs also have a mutually beneficial relationship with rabbits. Dragons are the least compatible with dogs.

In Japanese

In Japanese, a dog is “inu” in romaji, and is written as “犬” in kanji. In the Japanese Zodiac, however, it is written as “戌”.

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